Beat Inflation Tomorrow By Saving Today.

Jollof+ is on a mission to help Nigerians stay ahead of the inflation curve by giving competitive interests on savings and investments.

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Our Products

There is no one way to beat inflation, our needs cut across multiple facets. Jollof+ provides a variety of savings product to help users choose how best they want to beat inflation, save and invest.

  • JollofLock

    Your bank don’t care, put your money away to work and earn more with Jolloflock+

  • Ajo+

    With your dreams and goals, you can achieve them either as a group or individually

  • Babybox

    Build a future for your kids today. The future starts today.

  • JollofFlex

    Earn for just leaving money in your savings account.


Your Money is Safe & Secure

Secured Transaction

Data Protection

Consistent Audit

Dual factor Authentication

  • CBN License

    CBN Licensed

  • ISD/IEC Number

    ISD/IEC 27001:2013

  • ISO License Number

    ISO 22301:2019

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Achieve Your Life Goals Without Thinking About It

Limitless Goals

If you can dream it, you can live it. Save towards multiple goals.

Effortless Savings

We do the heavy lifting. Saving can be a chore, but we make it easy.

Rapid Withdrawal

You are in control. Access your funds at a reflex.

Daily Analytics

Check in periodically to see how your money is fairing.

What Are You Sowing Today? Calculate The Harvest Here

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